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SkySync GPS Accessory
Item no. 93969
SRP: £175.00
Warranty: 24 Months

Add GPS to your Celestron computerized telescope and get time, date, and location downloads from orbiting Global Positioning Satellites.  This 16-channel GPS module plugs into your telescope’s hand control or the auxiliary (AUX) port on your drive base and then mounts to a tripod leg to stay safely out of the way with included straps.

SkySync makes it easier to align your telescope while keeping your date and time updated.


  • Upgrade your Celestron computerized telescope to GPS with SkySync.
  • Improve the speed and accuracy of alignments with 16-channel GPS.
  • Automatically updates the time and date.
  • Plugs into the AUX port on the base of the telescope
  • Compatible for all non-GPS Celestron computerized telescopes.

* Not compatible with the SkyProdigy range.

* You may need to reflash some Newer AVX Mounts, those that have the larger 8-pin DEC Cable, in order for SkySync to run.

* Please Note, when using SkySync with a Celestron Evolution Mount, the GPS Unit and Handset must be plugged into separate AUX Sockets. Do not use with the handset plugged into the GPS unit.

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