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Luminos 7mm Eyepiece
Item no. 93430
SRP: £139.00
Warranty: 24 Months

The Luminos series eyepieces offer a wide 82º field of view in both high power and low power models, allowing you to make the most of your telescope, whether you own a short, fast refractor or a Celestron EdgeHD telescope.  The optical set consists of six or seven elements (depending on the model) and is fully multi-coated for crisp, sharp views.  All six Luminos eyepieces are parfocal, which means you can switch out eyepieces during observing sessions with little or no additional focusing required.

The Luminos eyepiece body is made of polished and anodized aluminum.  A rubber grip runs around the equator of the eyepiece, giving you a secure grip and an easy method for raising and lowering the retractable eyecup.  Simply twist the rubber grip to adjust the height of the eyecup.  The insert barrel is threaded to accept filters.

Other eyepieces in the Celestron Luminos Series include:

  • 10 mm - 1.25”
  • 15 mm - 1.25”
  • 19 mm - 2”
  • 23 mm - 2”
  • 31 mm - 2”

General Features

  • Enjoy wide 82º views with Celestron Luminos Eyepieces.
  • Retractable eyecup pops up when you need it, drops down when you don’t.
  • Sturdy anodized aluminum barrels are threaded for filters.
  • A rubber grip keeps the eyepiece securely in your hands, even when it’s cold or you have gloves on.


Focal Length: 7 mm (0.28 in)
Apparent Field of View: 82 °
Eye Relief (mm): 12 mm (0.47 in)
Optical Coatings: Fully Multi Coated
Barrel Size (in): 1.25 in (32 mm)
Field Stop Diameter: 15 mm (0.59 in)
Parfocal Eyepieces: Yes
Weight: 12 oz


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